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How To Set Goals That Give You Massive Momentum

How To Create A Snowball Effect With Your Goals

Creating attainable smalls goals is the key to giving yourself a sense of momentum that empowers you to keep going towards your big goals.

The problem behind setting goals that are too big and far off in the future, is that we tend to get frustrated and give up.

On the flip side, most people never set any goals, let alone take action towards them.

So the key is to find a balance that works and that gets you down the path to your goals in the shortest period of time possible. Here is what I have found works best…

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The best way is to set goals that give you momentum, is to make them very short term, and to start very small.

Usually a week long and often one day goals.

It’s important in the beginning to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You want to give yourself several little self esteem boosts before stretching the time frame of your goals to say 30 and 90 days.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have bigger long term goals, say up to one year.

It’s good to know where your final destinations is. But always remember the saying:  “You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time”


So when you set goals for a brand new venture, start by setting a very small goal. Something that you know you can achieve simply by taking action.

Don’t worry about the outcome of these first goals, solely about the fact that you will be taking action towards them.

The point is, even if you bomb and your results are poor, you will feel great sense of accomplishment because you did what 98% of people never do…You took action towards something you wanted.

This act alone will build your confidence and self esteem and create a sense of movement in your life.

You will begin to gain a sense of belief that you can achieve your big goals, as long as you keep chipping away at small goals.

Here is an example of how to start this process.

Lets say you were wanted to start a new website or blog for business you have in mind.

You have been thinking about it, telling your friends and family about your idea for days, months or even years.

A first goal could simply be to make a commitment to write down your ideas on a piece of paper in as much clarity as possible. Don’t worry about how it sounds right now because at this stage quality is not the point.

The point is that the goal of writing itself is an action and will give you momentum.

Personally, I love starting my ventures with the act of writing because there is so much power in the written word.

Taking the time to write out an idea is the first act of bringing an image in your mind into the physical plain. The idea is now written in ink on a piece of paper. It exists now as a tangible element.

Make no mistake, when you do this you are planting a seed, and that seed is now growing.

Once you have achieved this first goal, you’ll want to set a slightly bigger, but still achievable goal. But now, commit to taking a series of actions that begin growing that idea even more into the physical form.

For example, the next step could be to buy a domain name, get a hosting account and then hire a web designer to work with you on your new site.

By following through on these tiny, very achievable steps, you are creating momentum.

Once there is momentum, it becomes like a snowball that gets bigger and becomes harder to stop and easier to keep going.

By allowing yourself to be patient and work towards small goals in the beginning, you are building the muscle of persistence.

As time goes on you will feel a sense of dissatisfaction with yourself if you are not on track to meet your goals, because meeting goals, even small ones, has become part of your character.

There is magic in the basics, and achieving big goals is merely a result of accomplishing lots of smaller goals that continually build momentum.

The key is to just start and force yourself through the beginning stages of any endeavor with small achievable goals that give you momentum.

What goals have you been procrastinating on that you could set into motion today? I would love to hear your comments.

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James Colleen
Posted on 8/7/21 10:42 AM.