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My Own Case Study Of How I Changed My Life Through The Power Of Thought

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Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake New Mexico. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

This is a true story of how I used my mind to completely shift my reality and get on the path to the life I have always dreamed of.

This was a very intimate process, and one that changed me forever.

I’ve used self hypnosis and guided imagery throughout my twenties, and always experienced great results with it.

But in 2009, at the age of 29, during a difficult transition in my life, I decided to take what I knew about this powerful practice and implement it in a way I’d never done before.

An experiment in which I made it the entire focus of my life.

The results, were haunting…

It was during the beginning months of the Obama presidency. And anyone who was on earth during that time knows that it seemed like the world was ending.

Banks and businesses were shutting down, millions of people were without jobs and everyone was afraid.

At the time, I owned a franchise in a busy shopping mall located in Phoenix Arizona. When I took over the business a few years prior, it was a booming little shop. Ranked in the top five in all of Arizona. The business was profitable, systemized and fun.

But then everything changed. Less and less people were coming despite our strongest marketing efforts. The mall in which we were located was starting to look like a ghost town. And it wasn’t long before I began experiencing monthly losses.

Even more, I had maxed out a line of credit from my home mortgage to finance my business and I realized I was on track to lose everything. My business, my home everything.

To make matters worse, at the same time I was in a very turbulent relationship with a girl I was supposed to marry.

She was someone I thought I loved very much, but we were beginning to argue almost daily. I could feel that I was beginning to lose touch with myself. And the stress of the business and the relationship was literally driving me mad.

At the peak of this situation, it became so intense that I remember going to bed at night and having vivid dreams of getting in a car accident and being completely destroyed.

I would see myself flying through the air in slow motion. It was silent and then I would smash into the pavement in the middle of traffic. I would feel the skin shredding off my body and my bones crumbling from the force, and then, I was dead.

It was mentally one the most awful times of my life.  I felt like I couldn’t control it. And I thought if the relationship ended I would continue to spiral into depression and maybe never recover.

But then like all things that reach a tipping point, one day it became too much. My fiance was arguing with me because I let my mother have our bed during a weekend visit. And then something snapped. In a single moment I made a decision to leave her. And to this day, have not seen her since.

That moment was the beginning of some major shifts for me, and really where this story begins.

If you continue reading from here, then this could easily be the proof your looking for that the power of your mind is real. And that we have the ability to manifest whatever we choose.

I have discovered, first hand that bringing our dreams into reality is our true nature. It’s what we are designed for.

As I said, this was an experiment in my life that transformed me …Not because of what happened to me, but because of what I made happen.

As you read, your going to learn how I how I consciously changed my thoughts to bring what I wanted into the physical world.

You will understand the importance of not resisting the moment when it seems like your not on the right path. Because the fact is, you are always on the right path. The only question is, is it the path you want?

So getting back to the story…

After I left her and the reality sunk in, just as I had imagined the pain rose up in my body, at times almost unbearable.

I could still feel her presence in my life, as if she was still there. Like a ghost that I couldn’t touch. Thoughts of her gone forever, and finding another man were overwhelming.

Then one night I had a profound revelation…

I was laying in bed contemplating these thoughts as they raced through my mind, but something was different. I realized these thoughts were were not a part of me, but in fact separate. They were like miniature movies playing in my mind. And it was these movies that were causing me the pain.

And then, a second realization.

I realized that if had the ability to think about the thoughts that were causing this pain, to be the awareness of my own mind, then I also had the ability change what I was thinking.

I also noticed that because I had just changed my thoughts to this “new movie” the pain in my body was gone. It simply was not there.

This revelation stuck with me and lingered for days…

After this, a strange peaceful feeling came over my body.  I wasn’t necessarily happy, but wasn’t sad either.

I realized I had been wanting this change for a long time and that I had actually created this situation I was in.  My thoughts had created this reality. I didn’t want to be married to that girl and the situation couldn’t have been more perfect. I had a clean slate in front of me with the ability to create whatever life I wanted.

What I realized was…

I had the ability to create the life I always wanted.

The more I thought of this, the more peace came over me. Almost like a calm after the storm. I began waking up in the morning feeling better than ever, happy again.

I started writing out the dreams and desires I had for my life. Things like world travel, unique and amazing friends, a loving and honest relationship, adventure, a bestelling book and a speaking career that would take me around the world. I wanted these things for a long time. And now, I was ready to make them a reality.

But there were a major obstacle. I had this business that I was still “chained” to. And if I didn’t sell it, everything in my financial world was going to crumble. The problem was I would be trying to sell a failing business in the worst economy since the Great Depression?

I realized I was at a crux in my life and either way, I was about to experience a major shift. If I could sell the business I would embark on this new journey, and if I couldn’t sell the business, I would lose everything.

It was here that I decided to take what I knew about the power of visualization and apply it to this situation.

Here’s how I did it…

First, I thought about the end results I would experience if selling my business were to become a reality. My intention was to create miniature movies that I could meditate on, and experience in my mind throughout the day.

When using guided imagery or visualization, it’s not important to understand the how, or the path of getting to your goal. What’s important is to try and create an end result movie that you can relate to, one that you can touch, feel and smell as if it were real. This is easiest to do if you see yourself, as you are experiencing this new reality.

Here is what I came up with…

Vision one.

I would visulaize myself  sitting at the escrow table in a room with no windows. For some reason this is how it came to me. Then I would visualize a hand pushing a cashiers check across the table towards me for the full amount of the business.

I would visualize this over and over again. This actually became the main vision I continually repeated every time doubt creeped in my mind. It was powerful.

I would experience the situation in my mind as if I were there. Feeling the tempature of the room, the cold hard table, the feeling of anxious and exitement in my body, the slight awkwardness and tension of a situation anytime large amounts of money are transfered. As far as I was concerned, it had already happened.

Vision Two

The next vision was a little more symbolic and less practical, but had a lot of meaning behind it.

I would visualize myself standing in front of my business. And behind the counter were all of my employees waving good bye. I would start to move backwards, like a camera panning out, the employees still waiving.

After I was about 50 feet away, I would jump in the air, Peter Pan style and fly away.

My business was located in a giant shopping mall in Phoenix, and as I flew away I would look back and see the building getting smaller and smaller, until finally, it disappeared.

I would then turn my head so I was looking forward and fly all the way down to South America. I would see myself sitting at some random cafe in the street, sipping coffee and watching people…mission accomplished.

The Visualization Process

Everyday, I would go down to the park in front of my house and sit in the same grassy knoll and meditate on these visions for about 30 minutes.

I would also bring a piece of paper with three phrases written on them. I would speak these outloud before I started mediating.

The three phrases were

  1. My business has sold.
  2. I am traveling the world freely.
  3. I have an online income that supports my lifestyle.

I would say these things with conviction, and then set the paper aside and begin my visions, going inside my inner world as if the outer world were no longer real.

What happened next was astonishing..

First, after doing this for a few weeks, one day an idea flashed in my mind for a way to sell my business.

As soon as I had this vision, I went home and immediately created the ad I was thinking about and posted it on a popular business for sale website. I was so confident in the ad that I paid for the most exposure I could get.

I think it’s important to note, that about five months prior to this I tried selling the business using a broker. And after two months of being on the market we didn’t receive one single response.

However, after visualizing this new situation and taking action on this new idea that came to me, the following morning I had five emails in my inbox of people interested in my business. And every day more and more people started replying to my ad.

By the end of the second week, I was showing the business almost every morning to interested people. I kept meditating on my visions, but with even more intensity.

About forty days later,  I had a signed contract and a deposit check in escrow. Not only that,  I had two signed back up offers. It was amazing.

But the best was yet to come…

On the day of closing, it almost felt like I was living in my mind, like my inner and outer world had blended. When I was invited back to the conference room where the final deal and signing would take place, the room, to my utter amazement, was almost identical to the room I had in my mind, windowless and drab with a cold hard table centered in the middle.

I sat there, as if in some David Lynch film, feeling a strange sense of discovery of my own power, anticipating the moment the check would come. And almost exactly as I had imagined the hand pushed the check across the table towards me. It was the most profound experience I’ve ever had.

The rest of the story is easy to imagine. A few months later on December 31st 2009, News Years Eve, at approximately 11:45pm, I walked out of the International airport in Lima Peru to see a sky full of fireworks exploding around me. To date, I have spent nearly the last 12 months traveling South America. An experience that has changed me at the core. To say it was surreal would be an understatement. The word, if you could use any, would be perfect.

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