The EU-MERCI LIBRARY is a document library, containing the schematics of the processes and the reports describing the EU-MERCI selected “Good Practices”, the “Best practices” from literature for each specific sector and process and related supporting documents, either from reference literature or elaborated on purpose by the consortium.

In the EU-MERCI LIBRARY the sectors will be split according to NACE level 1 for technical and statistical analysis, while a further split of the sectors will be implemented for the “Good practices” and the “Best practices” according to defined sectors. Moreover, the EU-MERCI "Good practices" will be labelled by the EU-MERCI miniature logo, while the "Best practices" will not have any label.

The Library also contains a picture of the industry in each country.
Additionally, there is a section with “Good practices” and “Best practices” involving renewable energy and biomass in particular.