In the EU-MERCI project, in order to identify and select the "Good Practices", it has been necessary to understand the specificities of the different industrial processes and of the different sectors in the represented Countries. This has been done by preparing two types of documents:

  • Technical analyses, in which, for each sector, the main process are described in detail and analysed in terms of energy intensity;
  • Country analyses, in which, for each Country, the main economic results of the selected sectors are presented, together with an assessment on the energy use and costs in the Country.

In this section, the technical analyses for the different sectors are presented. For some sectors, with more linear processes (e.g. Iron and Steel, Glass), a full analysis is available. For others, where many different products (and processes) are involved (e.g. Chemical, Food and Beverage, Machinery) only the general principles and some selected processes are available.