Objectives of the surveys

The surveys were one of the several actions put in place by EU-MERCI to directly involve industrial stakeholders in its evaluation process.

The surveys had several objectives:

  • to know about the level of awareness among EU industry of the efficiency problem in industry processes and the potential benefits related to efficiency interventions
  • to know about the orientations of industry in the implementation of energy efficiency in their own factories
  • to know about the perception among industry stakeholders of barriers and weaknesses (of technical and non-technical nature) in the implementation of existing Energy Efficiency supporting policies, measures and mechanisms at national level
  • to know about the real costs associated with implementation of Energy Efficiency improvements (including “bureaucratic”/transactional costs) compared with the efficiency benefits.
Targets of the surveys

The surveys is mainly addressed to industry and industry representatives (e.g. sector associations).

However, though maintaining the focus of the above objectives, the survey is also targeted to energy efficiency services operators.


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