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what to do in Hanoi

If you are wondering what to do in Hanoi at night, here are experience of some foreigners in Long Bien night market. Every week, Henry visits the night market at midnight. There are also some wholesale markets in his countries, but the trading style in Long Bien Market is totally different. At the first time visiting, Henry really feels overwhelmed by various goods, from vegetable, fruit, to fresh food. But what he often buys are herbs and fruits.
Henry said: “I feel really interested. I have visited many countries but Long Bien Night Wholesale Market is completely different. Everybody does business simply by oral trading and a textbook, from night to morning.”
According to him, if you visit and stay at hotels in Hanoi Vietnam without going to Long Bien Night Market, it’s really a pity because you have missed an interesting experience. It should be on your priority of what to do in Hanoi at night. “If you just order goods from the supermarket to the restaurant, you just only can make industrial food. Being actual chief cooks, people are really interested in each kind of vegetable and choose material by themselves.”
Standing near Mr. Henry for a long time, I have seen him taking various kinds of vegetable to his basket. All are made in Vietnam. “Interesting” is his comment about the market before going to find other materials for special dishes of his restaurant.
Wandering in the market at 4AM, I chanced on some French tourists. Not like Henry, they visit the market to see how the local people do business and know more about an “unsleeping Hanoi”. With travelers, traditional markets bring them deep attraction and its own meanings.
Michael – one of French tourists shares: “It’s really interesting when visiting Hanoi center, not far from where we live is a busy night market. I feel quite strange about your crowded market with many trucks and manual transporting.”
His wife supposes that striking colors, noisy and hurried businessmen… in the night market are the reasons why any foreign tourists would like to visit Long Bien Night Market when going to Hanoi. They can easily discover more about local people’s culture and life style there.
When being told that this night market may be abolished in the future, French tourists show their deep nostalgia. “Long Bien District or night markets are interesting places. Traditional markets attract lots of tourists. You can improve this market to be cleaner and safer instead of abolishing it.” – A young girl of them said.
Indeed, many tourists agree that visiting Long Bien Night Market is an essential part in their itinerary. It becomes one of the most attractive and interesting markets in the world because it brings tourists a different insight of Hanoi, with most truthful experiences about normal busy life of hurried but charming Hanoi people.
That’s why Dulichso magazine has ever chosen Long Bien Night Market as one of 5 most interesting markets in Southern East Asia. Recently, Conde Nast Traveler – a famous travel magazine – has also listed it in top 7 most interesting whole sale markets in the world. Conde Nast Traveler notes that tourists should visit this market before the sun rises. The market opens the whole night and becomes busiest from 2 – 4 AM. It provides all goods from fresh food to fruits and becomes the biggest food providing market of Hanoi.